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Brochures about Eliminating Violence Against Women

You can access the brochures we prepared within the scope of our joint work with UNDP Turkey where we met with more than 40 stakeholders.

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Throughout February, we compiled basic information in an easy-to-understand way and shared it on our social media accounts in order to raise awareness in the field of design in law. Below you can access all the images we have prepared within the scope of this project. (02/2021)

Projelerimiz: Work

Legal Information Design Workshop with İkonion Law and Career Association

We held a workshop with Ikonion Law and Career Association on April 11, 2021 with 50+ participants to prepare infographics on how to apply to consumer arbitration committees. In the first stage, Canva training was provided by IHKD, and then as LDT, we provided information design training in law. In the final stage, the participants prepared infographics on Canva in groups. Thank you to IHKD for this great event. (04/2021)


Legal Design Turkey
Mobile Application User Conditions Workshop

In this workshop series, which lasted in March and April 2021, we redesigned the user conditions of a mobile application. In this six-week workshop series with a total of 25-28 participants, we first examined what is design in law. Afterwards, we adapted Margaret Hagan's design process in Law by Design and revised the user conditions in 4 stages. It was a very enjoyable series for us, thank you to all our participants.

Sustainable Textile Sector, Human Rights and Gender Equality Challenge

2020-2021 Summer Internship and Consumer Rights Infographic

2020-2021 Summer Internship and Consumer Rights Infographic

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